A Thriving Business Community... A great place to live... Vibrant Town Centre
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A Thriving Business Community...

With creativity at its heart, Malmesbury has always been at the forefront with cutting edge inventions and ideas. The town centre itself is alive with useful shops and businesses.
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A great place to live...

Rich in history, Malmesbury sits upon a hilltop as one of the oldest continously inhabited sites in Britain. A beautiful place, it maintains a strong community today.
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Vibrant Town Centre

Malmesbury's compact town centre provides a vibrant, sociable hub to the community and a convenient central location for useful shops, commercial services and a range of pubs, cafes and restaurants.
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Local News

New Malmesbury police Sergeant completes 87-mile trek in four days for cancer charity

New Malmesbury police Sergeant completes 87-mile trek in four days for cancer charity

A GRUELLING 87-mile-trek was the latest challenge for Malmesbury’s new police Sergeant, Donna West, to raise funds for a cancer charity. Sgt West and her friend Lorraine Cummins-Hayward took the trek during an unexpected spell of hot weather and struggled through the walk with more than one small detour increasing the difficulty and distance of their walk....

on 17 April 2015

Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service warns of fires started by glass objects left in the sun after two recent blazes

A WARNING about the fire risk posed by glass objects and mirrors has been issued by Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service....

on 16 April 2015



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