A Thriving Business Community... A great place to live... Vibrant Town Centre
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A Thriving Business Community...

With creativity at its heart, Malmesbury has always been at the forefront with cutting edge inventions and ideas. The town centre itself is alive with useful shops and businesses.
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A great place to live...

Rich in history, Malmesbury sits upon a hilltop as one of the oldest continously inhabited sites in Britain. A beautiful place, it maintains a strong community today.
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Vibrant Town Centre

Malmesbury's compact town centre provides a vibrant, sociable hub to the community and a convenient central location for useful shops, commercial services and a range of pubs, cafes and restaurants.
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Watch: The best and worst Christmas TV adverts

Best Christmas ads ...

Irn Bru (2006)

An homage to classic Christmas film, The Snowman, we see a pyjama-clad boy and his eponymous friend soar above dream-like scenes of Scottish landscapes.

It all goes pear-shaped when the youngster refuses to share his Irn Bru and is dropped from a great height.

Coca Cola (1995)

Who doesn't feel a tingle of excitement up their spine when they hear the opening bars of Coca Cola's classic Christmas jingle: Holidays are Coming?

Yellow Pages (1992)

A girl is thwarted in hopes of a kiss under the mistletoe with her sweetheart due to their mismatched heights. Thankfully there is a chunky Yellow Pages at hand to provide a much needed step-up for the vertically challenged beau. You couldn't do that with Google.

And some of the worst Christmas ads ...

Terry's All Gold (1985)

A woman gets home from work to find that her husband isn't at home. He phones and tells her he won't be back until later but to look in the drawer by the phone. Oh! A Christmas present. It's a box of Terry's All Gold! How lovely. (The husband's out with his mistress isn't he?)

Quality Street (1989)

A lady answers the door to some carol singers and hands out the Quality Street. Is she mad? At £4.99 for the box! In the 80s!

Denim (1981)

The aftershave brand went for an innovative Santa-themed idea for their Christmas ad and showed a woman unable to resist trying to unbutton a man's shirt. "Santa is coming. For the man who doesn't have to try too hard." Suggestive and sexist. Happy Christmas everyone.

READ MORE: Christmas TV ads - cherished tradition or tacky consumerism?

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TRAFFIC: Updates on the region's roads this morning

THE roads are running smoothly so far this morning ahead of the rush hour. Temporary traffic lights are causing minor delays particularly in the Thornbury and Yate areas, although there are also roadworks in Cirencester, Malmesbury, Horsley and Wotton-under-Edge.


WEATHER: November 14

FEELING less cloudy than yesterday, today will be generally cloudy with the possibility of some showers. Cloud cover may give way briefly at times this afternoon for some sunny spells, although these will be fleeting.


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