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MNSG Minutes 23/02/2012

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23rd February 2012, 6.30pm at Malmesbury Town Hall


Gareth Brown                                    Youth Centre

Barry Dent                             Civic Trust

Charles Vernon                     Malmesbury & District Conservation Group

Tim Farnfield                         St Joseph’s Primary School

Roger Budgen                       Malmesbury & St. Paul Without Parish Council                

Aimee Frankham                   High Street Shops

Bill Sykes                                Malmesbury & St. Paul Without Residents’ Association

Robin Rogers                         MVCAP

Cllr Simon Killane                  Wiltshire Councillor for Malmesbury

Georgina Clampitt-Dix          Wiltshire Council

Cllr John Thomson                Wiltshire Councillor for Sherston

Ruth Jeffrey                           Group Secretary


The Minutes from 8-2-11 and 9-1-12 were endorsed. It was agreed they will be circulated in the Word version that is compatible with older versions of the programme. Hard copies of the Minutes will also be kept at the library.

Secretarial Duties

Hard copies of all minutes are to be made available in the library.

Ruth Jeffrey agreed to undertake secretarial duties for the forum, subject to the requirements not being too time consuming.

Terms of Reference

The group is a steering group for ideas that then go to town and parish councils, who lead the process. To avoid any conflict in wording the group agreed to revise the title of the group from Forum to Steering Group. This does not reflect any change in the working of the group.

Regarding representation, a representative of young people (Gareth Brown) is now in place. A representative of those in social housing has also agreed to sit on the steering group.

A discussion took place over the use of the term ‘decision making’ as there were concerns over whether it may be misunderstood. John Thomson clarified that the term, in the context of the steering group’s ToR’s, referred to the decisions made as a group, for the purposes of the group. Beyond this, the NP has to be ratified by town and parish councils, then by Wiltshire Council and sit with the Core Strategy – to be proved that due process has been followed and achieve a plan that stands up.

The group will need to delegate tasks to other people to feed back to the group, who will then make decisions as a group based on that information.

Any issues that cannot be resolved by the steering group will be referred equally to the three parishes. Representatives from the three parishes will be required to report back to their respective councils and officially resolve any outstanding matters. If necessary, matters can be referred to the Area Board, which might come back with a suggestion.

The term ‘milestones’ was explored and it was agreed that this would stay in the ToRs as it was felt important to show what they are and that things are being done properly.

It was requested by GCD that an update on the steering group’s progress is on the Council agenda for every meeting so that it’s easy to bring matters to Council. A final copy of the minutes of each meeting will be emailed to all representatives, when it becomes available and each representative is to forward on to their respective organisation.

A number of changes were agreed to the ToRs. It was also noted that identifying sites for housing is a key aim of the group but not the sole aim and the wording in the ToR does not preclude anything else from being addressed.


It was felt generally within the group that the venue should be at the cost of the community, i.e. provided for free, utilising a community resource.

Cllr Vernon offered the Town Hall at the cost of £5 per hour but only provided the Town Hall has another commercial booking at the same time. After some debate, Cllr Vernon agreed to take the matter to the next council meeting.

Other possible options included limited facilities at Cedar House, Riverside Business Park on the Swindon Road. Also, the Extended Services building at the school, who are keen to help. Cllr John Thomson offered use of the Youth Club at no charge and it was agreed to take the matter outside the meeting.


MVCAP are represented on the group to address matters that affect the wider area, such as the primary schools in the surrounding villages, which feed into the secondary school. Also, the Primary Care Centre services the wider catchment area. Local residents from the 22 surrounding villages can liaise with MVCAP.

A Social Housing representative has been nominated and is on board.

It was noted that Cllr Goldstone will be stepping back and a replacement will be found.

Future Meetings

Meetings are currently held in private but Sherston, for example, hold their meetings in public and a discussion to place as to whether and how Malmesbury could do the same. Cllr Killane was supportive of the idea. Where information is confidential, such as if it could affect land values or tenders, this could be achieved in pre-meeting briefings.

The relevance of the presence of the Malmesbury and District Conservation Group was questioned as 6 out of their 8 members are already around the table but it was agreed that of greater importance was addressing the issue of those that have not yet attended any meetings.

Future meeting dates have yet to be arranged.

Action (Cllr Killane): To put forward dates for all future meetings, with the next meeting to take place 4 weeks after the Prince’s Foundation workshops – date to be confirmed. In the meantime, the ToRs will be tidied up and are to go onto Council agendas.

Action (all): To provide full contact details.

Prince’s Foundation – Update

The timetable for the Prince’s Foundation event was discussed, with the first public session taking place on Monday evening, followed by the main briefing day on Tuesday with a number of technical briefings. A bus tour of the Neighbourhood Plan area was to follow and suggestions for places to stop included:

  • Cowbridge
  • Long Stay Car Park
  • Filands
  • Schools (already en route)
  • Brokenborough
  • Milbourne
  • Land behind Permisson (approved for office park)
  • Gloucester Road

It was felt unnecessary to visit Corston.

Wednesday’s workshop would continue exploring the issues identified on Tuesday and the same for Thursday.

Representatives can drop in and out as their time permits. Approximately 20 people currently booked to attend each day, with 30 to 50 being the preferred number.

Meeting closed.

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