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MNSG Minutes 26/03/2012

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Draft Minutes of Meeting held on 26th March at Cedar House

In attendance:

Simon Killane                         Wiltshire Councillor for Malmesbury

Cllr Kim Power                      Malmesbury Town Council

Cllr Roger Budgen                St Paul Malmesbury Without Parish Councillor

Paul Baker                             Chamber of Commerce

Aimee Frankham                   Malmesbury Retailers

Will Allbrook                         Malmesbury Secondary School

Barry Dent                             Malmesbury Civic Trust

Robin Rogers                         MVCAP

Charles Vernon                     Malmesbury and District Conservation Group

Angie Clapp                            Social Housing

Frances Goldstone                Malmesbury River Valleys Trust

John Thomson                       Wiltshire Councillor for Sherston

Jane Macey                             Wiltshire Council Spatial Planner

Mary Beresford                     Brokenborough Parish Council (substitute for Bob Tallon)

Ruth Jeffrey                           Group Secretary

Apologies received:

David Grogan                                    Primary Care Centre

Gareth Brown                                    Youth Development Coordinator

Sue Bishop                             Extra Care Facilities

Bob Tallon                             Brokenborough Parish Council

Tim Farnfield                         St. Joseph’s Primary School

Bill Sykes                                Malmesbury and District Residents’ Association


Joint Strategic Assessment

Statistics given for Malmesbury such as unemployment figures, life expectancy etc.

Draft Core Strategy for Malmesbury

This document provides Wiltshire Council’s overall vision for Malmesbury including development that needs to be incorporated into the Neighbourhood Plan, e.g. 270 houses including the Burnham House apartments.

Two questions were raised as to the introduction of the Garden Centre site into this version of the Draft Core Strategy and also why there has been no feedback on issues raised in the previous phase of the consultation. Jane Macey advised that this information was available on Wiltshire Council’s website and that she would email the group with the link.   Action: Jane Macey email group with link.


A minor typo was identified in the document before being approved.

Previous Minutes




Approved, with thanks to Justin Jeffrey of Mindvision Ltd for his excellent artwork.


David Grogan (Primary Care Centre) will attend only as and when needed. A replacement is hopefully to be agreed.

A letter is to be sent to the few members of the group who have not attended any meetings to date, or sent their apologies. They will be asked if they wish to put forward a replacement representative or discontinue their membership of the Group.

Additional membership was considered for the Abbey, Burnham House, leisure and tourism, the Emergency Services and the Warden & Freemen. It was decided that an ecclesiastical representative would be more appropriate than the Abbey, so as not to exclude the various other religious organisations in Malmesbury. It was then agreed that a Burnham House Development representative will be included in the Group given this specific project covers approx 44 dwellings out of the 270 required to be built by 2026. Leisure and tourism were considered most important and a representative will be invited to join the group if possible at some point, but it was agreed that the Emergency Services are the first choice for the next available space given the importance of their input, followed by a religious representative. The Warden & Freemen have been invited to join the Malmesbury & District Conservation Group to gain representation that way.

Prince’s Foundation Follow Up:

The process was considered a very positive exercise with very good feedback all round from those who attended the workshops and others who attended just the public events. It provided “a new way of seeing the town” and “helped people to realise they live in a special place.”

The Prince’s Foundation’s report is due out soon.

Communications Policy:

A document will be written up to confirm how the group’s documentation is to be communicated.

Action: Ruth Jeffrey to produce this document.

Hard copies of documents are to be made available in the library.

Soft copies of documents are to be made available on various web sites, such as and the Area Board.

Agendas and minutes are to be emailed round to the group members as well as to additional groups referred to in the Membership section above.

Project Planning

The first step is project scoping, which has been started by the Prince’s Foundation. A draft timeline was supplied and feedback is to be obtained after the meeting.

Action: Jane Macey to supply link to generic guidance web site.

It was agreed that selecting sites through robust consultation was of particular importance – to get the big things agreed that will stand up in court against developers. It was noted that the reasons for other sites being discounted must also be valid.

The Core Strategy is gathering weighting, although a note of caution was raised as the Neighbourhood Plan falls flat without the support of 50% within the community that vote on it. Therefore, market research is important to ensure the plan is being developed in line with what the community wants.

Action: Jane Macey to supply a list of sites that have been previously assessed and put forward by Wiltshire Council (SHLAA), together with their process for assessing suitability.

It was agreed that SHLAA sites would be looked at along with any other additional sites the group felt appropriate. Employment sites are also to be decided but as the Core Strategy already highlights employment land, housing sites may need to take precedence.

The procedure for site selection used by Wiltshire Council (SHLAA) is likely to be used by the Group as it will provide a robust process, although additional points may also need to be considered. Once a full list of potential sites has been produced, it will then be narrowed down before being sent on to Parish Councils. It was pointed out that no site will be perfect – there will always be something not in its favour.

John Thomson confirmed that progress made on the Neighbourhood Plan may help tip the balance if needed. Reliance will be on the likelihood that government will not allow their own Planning Inspectorate to undermine the new policy.

Initially, the group will need to set objectives for the general plan, seeing what else comes out of the Prince’s Foundation Report and to look at the process for site selection.

Declaration of Interest

Angie Clapp, Social Housing representative and Green Square board member declared that Green   Square is in talks with Gleeson.

Cllr John Thomson suggested that she get legal advice as to whether or not to leave the group, as each individual is responsible for their own position.


St Paul Without Parish Council have been able to offer the use of Cedar House for free through their parish precept, hence why the meetings are to be held there.

Additional Actions

All to read the documents supplied.

Prince’s Foundation report to be emailed out when available.

Cllr John Thomson suggested that Mark Stone (at Wiltshire Council) is contacted regarding co-locating of the Emergency Services. Cllr Killane to action this.

End of meeting.

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