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Malmesbury Waitrose worker praised by community Featured

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The Malmesbury community has come together to praise a woman dubbed the 'Lovely Waitrose Lady'.

A post about her from Claire Sparrowhawk in the Our Malmesbury Facebook page has gained nearly 300 likes since it was written on Monday.

The post stated: "I have no idea who the lady is that works the kiosk at Waitrose in Malmesbury, but she always pays me a compliment whenever I go in.

"It may seem very small, but to start your day when you’re feeling pretty rubbish, with a positive word from a stranger, can get your working day off to a much better start than when you left the house.

"Thank you to that lady."

Claire's post has clearly resonated with her fellow shoppers.

One commenter said: "She is lovely totally agree."

Another added: "I always think a compliment from another woman means so much...I agree that that lady is lovely."

A third said: "Ah, Lovely Waitrose Lady! Yes we love her too."

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