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Wiltshire College & University Centre is ‘delighted’ to have secured a share of £5.4m in funding.

A JIGSAW puzzle celebrating the work of NHS staff, key workers and charity volunteers during the pandemic will raise money for the Wiltshire Community Foundation’s Coronavirus Response fund.

Monday, 03 August 2020 02:34

Clean air limits exceeded in Wiltshire

Safe air pollution limits are being breached in nearly 20 areas across Wiltshire, figures suggests.

That is according to research by environmental campaigners Friends of the Earth, which analysed council reports on nitrogen dioxide in the air at monitoring sites across England.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Wiltshire has increased by 12 since last week.

Public Health England figures show that 1,307 in the county had been tested positive for Covid-19 as of Sunday, August 2.

JUST over 23 years ago a complex that was once the town's industrial heart began a new lease of life as shopping centre.

NOW more and more shops and businesses have re-opened, with wearing facemasks in shops the 'new normal' and gyms the latest to welcome customers back this week, our high streets are filling again.

Say hello to the latest batch of new arrivals. Aren’t they beautiful?

They’re blissfully unaware that they’ve been born in the middle of a major historic event and their parents will have a tale to tell them about the lockdown when they’re old enough to understand.

MOTORISTS using the M4 and roads around Chippenham may experience some additional delays this Saturday morning.

Here's the latest batch of beautiful new arrivals to arrive in the homes of Wiltshire Gazette and Herald and Wiltshire Times readers - aren't they all beautiful.

Dyson is making hundreds of staff redundant at its Malmesbury headquarters.

The Wiltshire Times and Gazette & Herald understand 450 jobs could be lost at the site, including the call centre and research and development.