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“….where ideas collide”

In association with CERN, Institute of Physics, Lancaster University and the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council

The festival that brings together musicians and artists from all over the world joins forces with CERN, the organisation that brings together the international community of scientists and engineers, alongside the Institute of Physics, Lancaster University and the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), to create a fascinating new venue at WOMAD 2016.
For the first time at WOMAD, and in the shared spirit of having fun discovering new things, the Physics Pavilion promises to give festival goers an exhilarating programme of scientific discovery which bridges the gap between academic research, popular science and entertainment.

Top of the agenda is the science of time travel and who better to lead that discussion than lead writer and executive producer of Doctor Who Steven Moffat. He will discuss his work and how science fact blends with science fiction in a Q & A with the curator of the Pavilion, Professor Roger Jones from Lancaster University.

Another star of the worlds of both science and showbiz taking to the stage of the
Physics Pavilion is TV and radio presenter, Geek Songstress and acclaimed musical comedian, Helen Arney.

Visitors to the Physics Pavilion will also, among other experiences, discover the futuristic cosmic piano; go live into the control room of the ATLAS experiment at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and hear from those who work there; hear data from the Hadron Collider turned into amazing interactive musical soundscapes; learn about space weather, light drawing and the physics of fireworks, not to mention getting hands on by creating a cloud-in-a-box.

Looking beyond the planet earth, space enthusiasts will have a chance to immerse themselves in the worlds of Black Holes, Anti-matter, Neutrinos, the Higgs Boson, the Northern Lights and, of course, the science of Time Travel.

The Physics Pavilion is open from 12 noon until 6pm every day, and is situated in the World of Words in the arboretum.

Chris Smith, Global Festival Director said ”WOMAD has always been about exploring and learning and our first venture into the world of science - alongside an organisation as global and pioneering as CERN - will create a whole new dimension to the festival, and one which will no doubt intrigue, fascinate and excite the WOMAD audience”.

“CERN is very happy to bring cutting edge science to WOMAD,” said Charlotte Warakaulle, CERN’s Director for International Relations. “I’m sure the eclectic mix of science, arts and entertainment on offer in the Physics Pavilion will delight the WOMAD public.”

Manisha Lalloo, Public Engagement Manager at the IOP said: “The Institute of Physics is delighted to be partnering with CERN, Lancaster University and STFC to bring physics to WOMAD for the first time. The Physics Pavilion will unite physicists, writers and musicians to explore everything from time travel to fireworks so there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy.”

Derek Gillespie, STFC’s Head of Skills and Engagement said “As well as enjoying a world of music at WOMAD this year I hope many of the 40,000 revellers attending will get just as much enjoyment from visiting the Physics Pavilion and discovering for themselves just how incredible is the world around them”


Charlton Park, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK, SN16 9DG
28-31 JULY 2016

Adult Weekend £175
Adult Day £90
Teenage Day £50
SN16 Resident Day £70
Disabled Adult Weekend £175
SN16 Resident Weekend £120
Teenage Weekend £85 (14-17 years) Please don’t forget to fill out Teenage Registration form
Children 13 and under FREE

WOMAD Spa Ticket £125
Thursday £35
Campervan £70
Park & Camp £75
La-Di-Dah Loos £25

For more information on options and prices:

Facebook: /womadcharltonpark
Instagram: /womadfestival

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