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Woodlands Trust and Dark Skys present to Malmesbury Town Council tonight Featured

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proposed-woodland-sitesThere is a presentation to Malmesbury Town Council tonight from the Woodlands Trust and Dark Skys organisation.

Please note that the information for this article has been supplied by Cllr Carnegie:

The original plan was to seek to lay the basis for a Diamond Jubilee wood in and around Malmesbury to celebrate the Queens 60th Jubilee for 2012.

There is grant funding from the trust and also help for incentives to land owners contributing however the talk on Tuesday evening from the woodland trust is designed to deal with this, currently they believe the area has huge potential from an initial survey which could also assist, if planned correctly, in limiting flooding risk in addition to the amenity benefits and tourism potential.

There is also a further talk regarding Dark Sky's and light pollution, a potential revenue generating potential for tourism and money saving scheme for Wiltshire council which links directly to the current project to reduce the lighting emissions.

Although Steve Cox is very much for the idea and it has been progressed to this stage with his support that may not be the case for the rest of the Town council which will become clear on the night.

If it receives not enough  support then the Warden and Freemen might be interested and I also understand that some other land owners could be potentially interested outside Malmesbury itself, i.e. in St Paul's Without.

Rather than see the scheme fail at the first jump, if Malmesbury can't or don't wish to progress it, or it needs to be linked to an outside area to be feasible then I thought that making you aware of the presentations might be useful, the meeting commences at 19.00 but also if you cannot attend but might know of some suitable land for a woodland or have an interest in the Dark Sky's initiative you might feed back to Cllr Carnegie at Malmesbury Town Council.

The areas shown are only to get an idea of the area concerned which has been measured as 88 Acres.

As the idea is an outline the actual areas could be any where around Malmesbury or the local area as long as they add up to over 60 to get Diamond Status.

There is potential benefit in terms of protection from development given the status of the wooded areas if they are designated a diamond project.... i.e. this might be a better use of the park road land which would undermine the argument that development was the most sustainable, only an example, which the current appeal is based upon.

The current MRVT mead is seen as the type of area that could be gained making a huge local amenity which would also protect property prices to a degree making the area attractive to live near.

A wood doesn't have to be just trees, its more about being a conservation area / nature reserve so it can have open space.

Trees can hold water back so upstream (park road) they would reduce flood risk as opposed to current development appeals which would increase them.

Dark Skys have various benefits including tourism and are complimentary to the approach.


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