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Swindon YouTube star sells PCs for NHS funds Featured

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A YouTuber has raised thousands for Brighter Futures by selling old computers he bought for less than £2 each.

Neil Corbett went full time with his channel RetroManCave at the start of the year.

And to celebrate passing the100,000 subscriber mark the 39-year-old refurbished and auctioned off a collection of old computers to help the NHS.

Neil told the Adver: “I dug out a bunch of old computers I bought last year, I bought them for £1.60 each, gave them a service and put them up for auction to raise money for Brighter Futures.

“They’ve been selling for four to five hundred pounds each these computers. And we’ve raised just shy of £4,000 now with a JustGiving page as well if people wanted to make donations.

“I’ve got one more auction to run and I’m hoping that will push us closer to £4,000 before we hand it over to brighter futures.

“It’s a success story on the YouTube front and the charity front as well.”

Neil spent most of his work life working in IT, mainly in the theme park industry. But he said that he fell out of love with the career, which led to him starting his channel.

He added: “YouTube started as a hobby, I used to work in IT for the best part of 20 years and I got a bit burnt out by it.

“I started tinkering around with old computers to try and rekindle what got me into the industry in the first place back in the 80s, things like Amstrads or ZX Spectrums. I started fixing them up.

“It just got me more interested in the old kit. So I started making videos on YouTube as a hobby and it just exploded.

“It grew and grew until it started to become enough of an income in itself to become self-supporting, so I gave up the IT job and started doing this full time at the start of this year.”

Neil, whose studio is in Malmesbury, lives in Purton with girlfriend Lilly.

“I didn’t expect it to become this big,” he said. “It was just a hobby. I had no idea that there were other people as nerdy as me out there in the world. It just snowballed.

“Lilly, my partner, is very understanding. She’s a huge nerd in her own right when it comes to archaeology and sewing.

“She’s not into the tech but she understands the level of nerdiness that goes on and she’s very supporting.

“I probably wouldn’t have gone full-time without her support, she did encourage it because she saw how happy it made me.

Anyone who wants to support Neil’s campaign can donate at justgiving.com/fundraising/rmc-covid

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