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North Wiltshire MP weighs in on Dominic Cummings story Featured

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North Wiltshire MP James Gray has called on Dominic Cummings should step back from government.

The Prime Minister’s senior adviser is in the limelight for alleged trips to Durham last month.

In a post on his website, Mr Gray said: “None of us yet know the details of what Mr Cummings did, nor why. It may be that more will emerge in the coming days to justify (or to condemn) his behaviour.

“But for now I believe that at a time when thanks to his advice we are all going through Lockdown, our personal circumstances very often being a great deal worse than his, it most certainly does look like a double standard to apparently ignore his own advice.

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“That is without question the perception throughout the land.

“I therefore do think that unless and until he can justify what he did, he should face the consequences of it and give up his role as a government adviser.

“Having him continuing at the heart of government undermines our credibility and the strength of our message.”

Mr Gray added: “It is my view that Mr Cummings should at very least step back from government with no further delay.”

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