Have you visited Malmesbury's hidden gem yet?

If not, Abbey House Gardens open their gates for the first time this year on Sunday 18th March to celebrate Mothers Day.  

If you are looking for a treat for the whole family why not take a stroll through 5 acres of enchanting gardens and enjoy a refreshing cup of tea and a slice of cake in the tea room.

Malmesbury-jam-nov-2011The November edition of ‘Just a Minute’, - the easy read version of Wiltshire Council's Area Board minutes, is available to download. This issue covers Partner Updates, Youth Projects, Community Issues, Malmesbury CATG and Area Board Funding.

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Tom Winpenny

Sat Sept 17th - Tom Winpenny gives an organ recital.

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P1010065Malmesbury - A Fairtrade Town

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade Guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers...

  • It means a fair price is paid to producers in developing countries, plus an extra payment to be invested for community development projects.
  • It means a long trading commitment without harming the environment.
  • It means fair wages and working conditions.
  • It means no forced labour for either adults or children.
  • It provides rights for women.
  • It provides workers with a right to join trade unions.

Local Products Fairly Traded in Malmesbury

We recognise that local farm produce and other foods, craft goods and artworks bought directly by local outlets and sold in Malmesbury are also fairly traded. We have a monthly Farmers' Market with a fantastic range of local produce and the town is full of shops selling locally produced goods from small suppliers. You will be surprised at just how many local products are available. Why not have a go at seeing how many you can try? Local shops and suppliers will be only too pleased to help you.


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