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This is an approximte timeline for Malmesbury.


    timeline-horiz 500 BC  caer-bladon  

Earliest known evidence of settlement in the immediate Malmesbury area. Reference to ‘Caer Bladon’ meaning ‘fortified place of the Bladon [name for one of the surrounding rivers]’.

    timeline-horiz 570  saxons  

Saxon invasion of the region. Malmesbury becomes part of Wessex (the ‘West Saxon’) comprising Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset.

    timeline-horiz c. 600  hermit  

Maildulph, a Celtic monk, founds a Hermits Cell at the site of the present Abbey. The town’s name likely derives from him.

    timeline-horiz c.675  st-aldhelm  

Aldhelm ordained as a priest and becomes the 1st Abbot of Malmesbury Abbey, proving to be both influential and famous. He was later canonised as a Saint.

    timeline-horiz c. 700  organ  

Aldhelm builds the first organ in England in Malmesbury Abbey.

    timeline-horiz c. 709  crib  

May 25th: Aldhelm dies. A five-day feast and fair held at St. Aldhelm’s Mead took place on the 31st March every year for 840 years in honour of him.

    timeline-horiz  c.878  fire  

Malmesbury has its first sacking at the hands of the Danes. It is practically destroyed but St. Aldhelm’s Church is apparently spared.

    timeline-horiz  924  deed  

Malmesbury is given the Charter by Edward the Elder – a high honour and the first bestowed on any town.

    timeline-horiz  937  old-photo  

Athelstan, first king of all Britain (as it was then), starts the ancient institution of the ‘Commoners of the Kings Heath’ or ‘Old Corporation’ as a way to reward the Malmesbury men (and their descendants) that had fought alongside him.

    timeline-horiz  940  athelstan  

Athelstan dies and is buried in Malmesbury Abbey. The actual location of his remains is no longer known, but his tomb is located in Malmesbury Abbey.

    timeline-horiz  1010  eilmer  

Eilmer, a monk of Malmesbury Abbey, attempts the first recorded human attempt at flight in history. His ‘glider’ carried him for about a furlong before he crashed.

    timeline-horiz  1080  william-of-malmesbury  

William of Malmesbury is born. He would become one of the greatest historians of his era and he produced a number of high quality, accurate works on Saxon history.

    timeline-horiz  1118  settlement-illustration  

The Castle of Malmesbury is built by Roger le Poer (Bishop of Salisbury). It immediately caused friction with the Abbey monks due to its proximity and was eventually destroyed after the Abbot made an appeal to King John.

    timeline-horiz  1139  medieval-seige  

Malmesbury is again sacked and ravaged, this time by the aggressor Robert Fitzhugh.

    timeline-horiz  c. 1180  abbey  

The present stone Abbey building is completed, after being under construction for about 35 years.

    timeline-horiz  1480  malmesbury-tower-falling  

The Spire of Malmesbury Abbey falls during the night, a sign of the state of decay that the Abbey had reached.

    timeline-horiz  1490  malmesbury-market-cross  

The Market Cross, at one end of Malmesbury High Street, is built as a meeting place and place of shelter.

    timeline-horiz  1539  malmesbury-ruins-II  

December: 847 years of Benedictine religion and education comes to and end in Malmesbury with the coming of The Reformation.

    timeline-horiz  1541  malmesbury-ruins  

William Stumpe, a rich clothier and ‘business tycoon’ of the era who owned much of the Abbey land and buildings, turns the old nave of the Abbey into a parish church for the community and helps to preserve the Abbey in the form we recognise today.

    timeline-horiz  1588  thomas-hobbes  

Thomas Hobbes, the famous English Philosopher, is born and spends his childhood in Malmesbury.

    timeline-horiz  1636  charles-I  

Charles I re-granted the Charter of Malmesbury, this time with additional privileges.

    timeline-horiz  1642-46  battle  

Malmesbury has key role in the English Civil War. It changes hands at least 5 times due to its strategic location. The Abbey is further damaged in conflicts, as is the area of Westport. An aggressive siege by Colonel Massey in May 1644 sees an end to the town’s role in the war.

    timeline-horiz  1703  hannah-twynnoy-grave  

October 23rd: Hannah Twynnoy, a maid from the White Lion Inn, is killed by a tiger that escapes from a nearby travelling circus.

    timeline-horiz  1769-75  charles-james-fox  

Charles James Fox, the prominent British Whig statesman, holds the office of High Steward of the Old Corporation of Malmesbury.

    timeline-horiz  1846-47  malmesbury-town-hall-aerial  

The first main portion of the Town Hall is built. It was eventually bought by the Borough Council in 1920.

    timeline-horiz  1867  st-aldhelms-church  

The original St. Aldhelm’s Church is built, with the present building being completed 8 years later.

    timeline-horiz  1877  malmesbury-station-abbey  

December 17th: Grand opening of Malmesbury train station.

    timeline-horiz  1887  village-illustration  

New Malthouse is erected in Malmesbury.

    timeline-horiz  1907  lace  

Lady Suffolk sets up a lace school at the Kings Arms Hotel in Malmesbury to try and prevent the production of Malmesbury Lace from disappearing.

    timeline-horiz  1935  athelstan-cinema-programs  

Athlestan Cinema opens. Later it would double as a Bingo Hall.

    timeline-horiz  1941  light  

Linolite Ltd. moves into the old mill, producing filament light strips and hose clips for aircraft during the Second World War.

    timeline-horiz  1951  malmesbury-station-train  

September 8th: Last passenger train runs from Malmesbury train station.

    timeline-horiz  1962  malmesbury-station  

Goods stop trading via the Malmesbury branch line and the track is lifted in 1963.

    timeline-horiz  1993  dyson  

Dyson opens a research centre and factory at the top of Tetbury Hill. It remains a R&D facility at present.

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