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Martin Lewis reveals secret Netflix codes to watch 'lost' movies and TV shows Featured

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Money and finance expert Martin Lewis has revealed the secret Netflix codes to watch 'lost' movies and TV shows.

Here's everything you need to know.

What has Martin revealed?

The MoneySavingExpert shared the advice on his website for those having trouble looking for anything to watch.

The recommendation categories on Netflix are there to help viewers find an array of new programmes and films that appeal to your tastes based on what they have already watched.

However, as a result of the feature tailoring results based on individual users, many miss out on being able to see hundreds of other titles on offer.

Fortunately, the streaming service has a 'secret stash' of codes that provide access to every category on Netflix.

The codes allow Netflix subscribers to view comedies, dramas, documentaries and more content that they might not see by browsing the customised categories.

How to access the 'hidden' area of Netflix

All viewers need to do is type the name of the category into the search bar on their browser or app, and the related ones will appear. Alternatively, you can add a code to the URL – for example, – to be shown a different selection.

Even better news, there are more than 3,000 categories to look through.

Here are just some of the many codes on offer:

  • Action & Adventure: 1365
  • Anime: 7424
  • British programmes: 52117
  • Children & Family: 783
  • Classic: 31574
  • Comedies: 6548
  • Comedy films: 6548
  • Documentaries: 6839
  • Dramas: 5763
  • Horror: 8711
  • Music: 1701
  • Romantic: 8883
  • Sci-fi & Fantasy: 1492
  • Sports: 4370
  • Thrillers: 8933
  • TV Shows: 83

Will the Netflix category codes work for those using the streaming service on mobile?

In short, no. According to What's On Netflix, the mobile applications aren’t built with the genre features enabled, unfortunately.

The independent site added: "Likewise, Netflix categories don’t work on larger screen experiences either that means the best way to use the codes above is by using a computer or laptop and then adding the titles to your queue."

Are there Netflix genre codes for 4K & 3D titles?

Sadly not. There are no specific genre codes for these two types.

How to access the full list of 3,000 Netflix codes

The full list can be accessed by visiting independent site What's on Netflix.

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