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Office Evolution aims to spread some Christmas cheer Featured

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A Wiltshire office supplies company is hoping to spread some Christmas cheer this year.

Office Evolution in Melksham is asking businesses and residents to support two local specialist schools through their online gift list service.

The firm's general manager Natasha Reid approached Larkrise School and Fairfield Farm College to create a wish list of items they would love to have in their classrooms but haven’t got the extra money to purchase themselves.

Businesses, organisations, and members of the public can go onto Office Evolution’s website and buy the items of their choice or give a donation towards larger gifts.

The company has also pledged to match the donations given so the schools will be able to kit out their new rooms as well as update existing ones.

Natasha Reid said: “This year has been different and difficult for everyone. We wanted to find a way to support some of our local schools during this time, and we’re so pleased to be able to help Larkrise School and Fairfield Farm College through our December campaign.

“We’re putting a call out to all those businesses who can’t have a Christmas party this year, or take clients for dinner and drinks, and suggesting they put that budget to use elsewhere by helping out these two amazing schools.

"Members of the public who wish to help out these local schools can also purchase items or make a donation towards one.

“We know there are online shops that also sell these products, but we’re hoping that by keeping it local it will help in lots of other ways.

"We already know the schools well, local suppliers will benefit, the carbon footprint from deliveries will be substantially less, and we are promising to match every donation that comes into us through the website or over the phone. Let’s work together to spread some Christmas cheer.”

Justina Barber, school business manager at Larkrise, said: “We are so happy to have been chosen by Office Evolution to be part of their Donate during December campaign."Being able to create a wish list of items that we would like for our classrooms, but can’t always find the budget for them, is amazing.These extra bits will really make a difference to the children and teachers.”

Tina Pagett, college principal at Fairfield Farm College, said: “These extra items will help us out tremendously."

"We’re absolutely thrilled to be part of this campaign and with the generosity of Office Evolution, and their customers, we’ll hopefully receive some of our wish list that will really help us in our day to day operations.”Visit to view the wish list or call 01225 690000.

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