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Killane comments - Localism Bill

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simonkillaneSimon Killane welcomes the new Localism Bill

(Unitary Councillor for Wiltshire and Malmesbury Town Councillor)

"At last the long awaited 'Localism Bill' has been published. Here is a great opportunity for the people of Malmesbury to take their rightful place in deciding the future shape of our built environment."

"We have seen the old 'Developer Led' system, a system that disenfranchised local people, that dictated centralist planning rules and regulations on how our built environment must evolve, a system that showed greater respect for property developers and shareholders than the communities that had to live with the outcome. My career in politics was seeded by a passion for 'Community Led' projects. We showed, time and time again, that local people could and should have a key role in the design of their recreation spaces. The 'Localism Bill' is a fantastic opportunity for our community to take the wheel and steer the growth of our built environment in a direction that is right for us."

As described by Nick Clegg, "the Localism Bill is different because instead of taking more power for the Government, the localism Bill will give power away from government. This Bill marks the beginning of a power shift away from central government to the people, families and communities of Britain."

You can view the complete Localism Bill in PDF form here.

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