Monday, 22 November 2010 21:51

Adele Boullin

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Adele BoullinHello! I’m Adele Boullin and I hope you will vote for me in the upcoming Town Council Election on 25th Nov.

I live on Gloucester Road with my fiancée, his children and our dog, Jester. I love living in Malmesbury and really value the beautiful area in which we live. I can often be found out walking the dog or cooking up a treat in the kitchen! On these cold winter nights I may well have my head stuck in a good book with a glass of wine in hand and something bubbling on the stove.

I think the biggest issue in Malmesbury at the moment is change. So many things are changing. With the economy as it is, the housing market has changed and with it created much insecurity.

The High Street continues to change over time and I hope that it is something we can help to thrive over the coming years. I'd like to see our shops bustling with locals and tourists alike.

Our children are our future and as an ex-primary school teacher, I feel very strongly that we must do all we can, not only to give them the best education but also to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences for them as they change and grow. They are an integral part of our community and family is very important to me.

Development brings change for huge numbers of people and along with that are the implications on our infrastructure, which again affects a large proportion of the population of Malmesbury. I think we have to ensure that we are fully informed with both the facts and local opinion before we make any decisions.

I want Malmesbury to improve and I don't believe that always means remaining the same. However, I am in awe of the History of this town and I believe we need to protect what makes Malmesbury unique from other towns. I want to play a part in that and so have put my name forward for election as I believe the Town Council as it stands, is lacking in its younger voices and needs a fresh face and some new blood.

I want us all to be proud of our town!

Monday, 22 November 2010 21:51

Brian Slade

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Brian SladeBrian Slade

A Malmesbury resident of 40 years, married to Linda, with four sons and eight grand children. Proprietor of Abbey Taxis

Monday, 22 November 2010 21:35

Julie Cavendish

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Julie CavendishA Personal Message from Julie Cavendish

I live with my husband Bill in Gloucester Road, Malmesbury. We have lived here for 13 years.

I care passionately about the local community – I spent 6 years on Malmesbury Carnival Committee as Minutes Secretary; this year we held Carnival events to help with the Carnival fund-raising effort, such as Cool Jazz and Open Gardens. I was Treasurer of the Malmesbury Junior Badminton Club for 2 years, am a member of the Residents Association and Civic Trust, and an active supporter of the River Valleys Trust.

I believe I can put my local knowledge to good use as an independent Town Councillor. I’m asking for your vote as I believe I can contribute to improving the quality of life and the local environment in Malmesbury, by actively involving community groups and residents in local decisions.

My work background is in business - a variety of sales, marketing and customer services roles. I have travelled widely on business and am used to dealing with all types of people, and building trusting relationships. I studied languages at Bath University, then Business Administration. I am now working locally part-time – teaching languages and working as a PA/administrator for a local philanthropist/ entrepreneur.

My Interests: I am an active member of PD Fitness, regularly attending classes and took part in the Malmesbury Carnival 10K run this year. I am keen on films, often attending the Malmesbury Film Club. I love walking in and around the Cotswolds – and have on many occasions enjoyed walks with the Malmesbury Walking Group.

Key issues facing Malmesbury I care about Malmesbury and believe that the key question is how we can best secure the sustainable development of our town. We are living in a period of change – change of Government and change of planning policy. Central government is now keen to put communities in charge of local planning. Let’s make sure we grasp this opportunity!

I am not against growth of the town as long as it is well-planned. Malmesbury is at risk of being ruined by indiscriminate development. I believe that our community should have a big say in what sort of growth takes place, (such as smaller properties for the elderly and young couples), and ensure that real improvements come with it. It is so important to maintain and enhance the character and environment of our historic and beautiful town.

The challenge is how best to respond to any proposed new development. Large-scale projects are inappropriate unless Malmesbury’s infrastructure is enhanced to cope with growth. Currently we have Primary Schools unable to cater for present needs, overloaded roads, a lack of parking (both off street and on street), and medical facilities which are approaching full capacity.

A growing population means it is vital to attract new employers to the town which will particularly help the young to find work locally and avoid Malmesbury becoming a dormitory town. A good relationship with local businesses is important to maintain a strong and vibrant local economy.

People in Malmesbury must have a safe and secure environment in which to live, and local Community Groups and Leisure facilities should receive appropriate Town Council support.

What I can contribute:

My commitment is to give my time, energy, enthusiasm and to draw on my business experience and skills.

I am already a core member of the recently formed Malmesbury Development Forum, which has been established to determine how best to respond to matters relating directly or indirectly to the development of the town, such as plans for large-scale housing developments. Further, I am keen to promote a wide-ranging review of Malmesbury’s infrastructure needs and future housing needs, and ensure that any improvements which may be required to enable sustainable and appropriate development are implemented before any further house-building takes place.

Whilst recognising that the Town Council itself has no authority on planning and other issues which affect the Community, it nonetheless plays a vital role in taking a lead in influencing decisions that affect this community, such as planning, infrastructure, housing and employment.

I am committed to actively promoting the interests and views of the people of Malmesbury, influencing decisions in the best way I can, if elected to the Town Council.

Please use your vote and vote for me, CAVENDISH JULIE on polling day; Thursday 25th November. Thank you for your support.

Monday, 22 November 2010 20:56

Malmesbury By-Elections Thursday

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candidateWho gets your vote today? - Note: Polling Stations Now Closed

Malmesbury Town Council by-election takes place today (Thursday). Find out more about the three candidates here and what matters to them or more importantly, what matters most to you.