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Saturday, 27 November 2010 07:25

A resounding NO to Gleeson's housing proposals

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Exit Polls - Gleeson ExhibitionExit poll confirms anticipated resounding NO to Gleeson proposals

Malmesbury delivered a 94% resounding NO to Gleeson's housing proposals in the findings of the exit poll at the Gleeson exhibition on 12th and 13th November, which have been presented to the Malmesbury Development Forum (MDF) this afternoon and are as follows:

Wednesday, 17 November 2010 00:00

Spatial Planning

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Spatial Planning Video

"This will give you an insight into the reason why the vast majority of residents will justifiably reject the Gleeson plans.  It is really well worth taking an hour out to watch it."

Thursday, 11 November 2010 00:00

Gleeson exhibition - 12th and 13th November

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{jcomments off}Be quick... you each have 18 seconds

Gleeson - Malmesbury - Page 1

Gleeson, the developers who are planning to build up to 800 homes on Filands and the Wortheys are inviting local residents to attend a public exhibition this Friday and Saturday where they will be recording the views of everyone who attends.

Sunday, 07 November 2010 00:00

Malmesbury Area Board Meeting - 10th November

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{jcomments off}Residents of Malmesbury are expected to turn out in force

Wednesday brings the next major public meeting regarding the large-scale housing development proposals at Filands and the Wortheys.

{jcomments off}Killane invites all to stand together against large scale development for Malmesbury.

Dear Community Organisations of Malmesbury

I wish to clearly state my views regarding possible new housing development on sites located in Malmesbury. Our town is at a pivotal point regarding housing development.

Saturday, 09 October 2010 20:23

Housing Summary - July 2010

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{jcomments off}New housing yet to be occupied in Malmesbury

(as of 12th July 2010)

Figures supplied by Malmesbury Residents' Association detail new housing (at 12th July 2010) that have yet to be occupied = 166.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010 19:19

Infrastructure audit needed for Malmesbury

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The Town Council group meeting was held on 24th September

The meeting was attended by invited representatives from the Residents' Association, Chamber of Commerce, Malmesbury River Valleys Trust, Malmesbury Civic Trust and the Primary School Governors.

Saturday, 25 September 2010 12:02

James Gray / Gleeson

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{jcomments off}Whilst full details have not been provided, Scott Chamberlin, Managing Director of M J Gleeson Group plc has contacted James Gray, MP by email.

James Gray's opposition to proposed developments in Malmesbury are once again made clear in the following extract of his response.

Monday, 20 September 2010 22:41

James Gray / Residents' Association

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{jcomments off}On 26th August, Roger Budgen, on behalf of the Malmesbury & St Paul Without Residents' Association wrote to James Gray to thank him for his recent support and inform him of the latest developments regarding the current Gleeson proposals.

Monday, 20 September 2010 22:09

Statement by Cllr John Thomson

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{jcomments off}Statement by Cllr John Thomson

Chairman of Malmesbury Community Area Board
15th September 2010

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