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EC _Piccadilly_Mall_smlThroughout history, Malmesbury has been a place of creativity, inspiration and learning. Elliott Cross tells how he was inspired by the abbey to take on the challenge of writing the book he'd always wanted to read - which will be on sale at Late Night Shopping.

"In the summer of 2002, I worked at the WHSmith store in Malmesbury.  My brother lives in the town and I had visited him before.  And I continue to visit Malmesbury every year without fail for the now famous Beer & Sausage Festival at the Smoking Dog pub.  But why the summer of 2002 is especially important to me, and why I will always have a soft spot for Malmesbury, is because it was in the grounds of the Abbey that the first spark of creativity that would inspire me to write my first book flared into life.  My book is entitled The Last Archangel - Faithful Amidst The Fallen, and it is the first part of a trilogy about a fallen angel’s quest for redemption in the afterlife of the Ancient Romans.

In the summer of 2002 I was reading John Milton’s epic Paradise Lost and, during my lunch breaks at WHSmith, I would sit on a bench in the grounds of the Abbey.  It was there, immersed within a story written by an English literary genius and sitting in the grounds of an ancient marvel of English architecture, that I first conceived of writing for the general reader an epic story of angels at war.  In other words, Malmesbury Abbey was where I first set myself the challenge of writing the book I had always wanted to read.

book-coverThe concept I had in mind was ambitious, but then I remember looking up and thinking how the building of the Abbey must have seemed ambitious to its designers, yet still they had attempted (and succeeded) at it.  I realised then that however daunting something may seem, you must try it, no matter what.  Even if it takes you ten years, which is nearly how long it took me to write and publish my book!

I am currently promoting the book in Canada, but upon my return to England next year, Malmesbury will be among the first places I visit.  It is the place where, in a way, my journey as a writer began."


In the afterlife, a bitter war rages between Gabriel's Faithful and Lucifer's Fallen over who will control the Powers of Creation.

Aurelia is a young Roman priestess who is the key to unifying the Powers.

Azdiel is her unlikely guardian, and together they must escape war-torn Elysium and journey deep into the dark heart of Hades.

But Azdiel is an Angel as unpredictable in temperament as he is skilled in combat, and with him nothing is ever certain, and no-one is ever truly safe...

Elliott Cross

Elliott Cross’s debut novel The Last Archangel - Faithful Amidst The Fallen is for sale at Malmesbury Rocks or by calling 01666 829142 or visit to buy the book online or for more information about the book!

The author's brother, Matt will also be promoting and selling the book at Malmesbury's Late Night Shopping event on 9th December. Look out for his stall in the High Street.

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