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stencil-shed-sarah-beenyUPDATE: Malmesbury’s Shed of the year entry… The Stencil Shed Needs Your Help.

Hello All. Syd here, owner of the Stencil Shed (

Have you heard about Shed of the year? Its huge; over 2000 entrants every year of all shapes and sizes from all over the world. I’m in the middle of a campaign to get my shed into the running but need the help of the good folk of Malmesbury in joining my campaign.

The shed is making a few waves in the competition, the guy that runs the competition contacted me on Friday (whilst I was out with the Spaniels at Westonbirt) for an exclusive Q&A, you can see the results on this page he created on his blog to give an idea of my shed inspirations,, I’m hoping this is a good omen.  Also, check the local newspapers this coming week, something might be featured, fingers crossed.

Voting doesn’t start until May 21st but I was hoping you could like my Facebook community page so I can keep you in the loop on new art being created over the coming days and also the very important polling day.  So please like here if you haven’t already,

Now I am not arrogant enough to assume you will vote for me come the time, you might like someone else's shed after all.  So I’m planning something to give back to Malmesbury some time soon to help the cause.

Anyway, herewith a cheeky take on Sarah Beeny, one of the judges, sprayed onto an old roof slate.



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