Tom Lawton

Tom's work as an inventor & entrepreneur has given him front seat experience to the whole process of taking an idea from nebulous daydream, through concept development & detailed design to fully tested & patented prototype; to become a commercial proposition, which then can be manufactured, distributed, marketed and sold. Having been instrumental to this process on several projects, Tom is well positioned to act as a consultant to would-be inventors and SME's who are taking their own ideas to market.

Working on behalf of a diverse range of corporate client's from Tesco, Orange and Lloyds TSB to smaller, more wholesome enterprises like Jimmy's Farm and other private & locally run businesses Tom can provide invaluable input on a whole variety of design and business related areas. Flick through the blog posts on the homepage of this website to get a flavour for Tom's key expertise.

Typically, Tom undertakes complete product design commissions, research projects, brainstorming sessions, design development, concept work, CAD and visualisation... but he is equally comfortable designing logos, developing brands, sharpening business plans and building models.

Together with a well resourced group of engineers, electronics systems designers and expert model makers Tom is ambitious to consider more challenging briefs.

On top of Tom's core expertise as a designer, he has proved himself as a very natural, engaging and enigmatic TV personality. While his media appearances are secondary to his life as a designer, he would be happy to hear from any interested parties who may have projects requiring his level of contribution.

Outer Silk Mills, Malmesbury, SN16 9LP, Wiltshire, UK
01666 826005
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