Malmesbury & District Twinning Association

  • Malmesbury & District Twinning Association

Malmesbury is twinned with Niebüll in Germany and Gien in France. We also promote links with Malmesbury in South Africa.

New members are always welcome and can enjoy social events, exchange visits with Gien and Niebüll and informative newsletters.

Individual membership costs £6 and family membership costs £12 with concessions for OAPs / unwaged.

If you would like further information or would like to join, please contact the association using the contact details below. 


Situated in the German state of Schlesswig Holstein to the north of Hamburg, Niebüll is close to both the Danish border and the North Sea coast. The landscape resembles that of Norfolk with its wide reaches of open sky. It is situated within easy reach of the islands of Föhr and Sylt.

The island of Sylt is a popular holiday resort with its beautiful sandy beach and attractive Frisian style houses.

In Niebüll, the art gallery is dedicated to the work of Richard Haizmann (1895-1963) while the Friesland Museum houses a fine collection of artefacts from 19th century Germany.

Close to Niebüll, the former home of German artist, Emil Nolde (1867-1956) houses a fine collection of his work and draws scores of visitors each year.

Today, Niebüll has a pedestrianised centre wtih a variety of shops and a modern town hall. It offers a wide range of attractions and activities like cycling, swimming, walking and sailing.

2004 marked a 50 year association between Malmesbury and Niebüll.


Located in the heart of France, in the region of Loiret, the town borders the serene river Loire.

Gien is a town of great character and interest. Inhabited since prehistoric times, it began to thrive and prosper under the Romans and continued to do so during the reign of Charlemagne.

In Gien, the past is always present. The chateau, which was built on the site of Charlemagne's original castle now houses the world famous museum of hunting.

The town is the home of the world renowned La Faiencerie de Gien, making earthenwre pottery, which curiously, was founded by an Englishman in 1821. It is possible to discover the history of the factory by visiting the factory museum.

Otis (lifts), Georgia-Pacific (paper) and Shiseido (perfumes) are major employers in the town.

Gien is a thriving town which has much to offer the visitor. New sports facilities, concert halls and town hall are just some of the signs of its continuing prosperity and civic pride.

2010 was the 10th anniversary of our twinning with Gien.

Malmesbury (South Africa)

In the heart of the Swartland Wine Route, not even three kilometres from the crècheclosest wine farm, the historic town of Malmesbury rests in a simply gorgeous setting, surrounded by mountains, vineyards, wheat fields and in w

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