Tetbury Camera Club

The aim of Tetbury Camera Club is to provide a convivial meeting place where camera and photographic enthusiasts can meet to exchange views and ideas, to view photographs taken by others, and to stimulate and encourage members of all abilities and age groups to fulfil their photographic potential. The Club aims to promote active participation amongst the members and to provide a voluntary service to the local community. To help with this we run internal competitions, at both beginner and experienced levels and mostly externally judged, allowing members to get independent feedback about their work. We are keen to support new members in learning the skills required to produce fine images.

The Club meets on most Tuesday evenings from early September to mid-May, at the Priory Inn, London Road, Tetbury, at 7.30 pm. These meetings are quite varied and we try to provide a balanced programme throughout the year.

The first meeting of the new season took place on Tuesday, 2 September 2014, billed as ‘A Get to Know/Meet and Greet/Show and Tell evening.  No competition, no judge and no critique.’ 

One of the benefits of the Club is meeting people with similar interests. There is much information exchanged in the chatting before meetings, during the break and afterwards; there is generally someone who knows the answer to most questions.

We welcome visitors at any meeting, with programmes as shown on the website (address below).   We have a varied programme for 2014/2015.  There is a mix of external speakers, internal speakers, competitions and social events.

Competition judging nights are generally popular occasions.  Entry into competitions is entirely voluntary.  There is no pressure put upon members to enter.  Sometimes people become members with no intention of entering competitions but, once they have absorbed the atmosphere for some time and realised that they are not intensely serious affairs, they do enter and get some feedback on their images.  The advent of digital imaging has also made it easier to enter and reduced any cost barrier.  Indeed, we have to put a numerical limit on the number of entries to each competition so as not to impose an unreasonable burden on the judges.  For a pretty small Club, this is a healthy sign.

Club photography is sometimes criticised as being formulaic, just following the accepted ‘rules’.  However, this is unfair.  Some judges do indeed like conventional images but others welcome different and unusual approaches.

The same applies to external speakers.  The best are inspirational and sometimes revelatory.  Their love of photography shines through.  It really is surprising how so many talented photographers (including members) are willing to share their techniques and thoughts with camera club members.

In addition to the programme of Club evenings, trips are organised from time to time, either during an evening or on a day basis.  Involvement is entirely voluntary, no pressure.

If you wish to improve your photographic skills (or just enjoy looking at pictures) why not come along to a meeting?  Please feel free to visit as a guest at some of our meetings and see what goes on, hopefully with a view to becoming a member.

Tetbury Camera Club meets at 7.30 pm on Tuesday evenings at the Priory Inn, Tetbury.  We are a very friendly group and anybody with an interest in photography will be very welcome to visit and get an idea of our activities and meet Club members.

For further information ring Frank on 01666 500807

Website : www.tetburycameraclub.org.uk

01666 500807
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